Advanced laparoscopic Surgery

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Laparoscopic Surgeries Are Also Known As Minimally Invasive Surgeries (Or Keyhole Surgery). It Is One Of The Most Advanced And Modern Surgical Methodologies Employed. In Comparison To Open Procedures, Laparoscopic Procedures Use Only 0.5 Cm To 1.0 Cm Incisions In The Body. Incisions Are Far Away From The Actual Site Of Repair. There Are Several Advantages To Laparoscopic Procedures, One Of The Main Ones Being The Reduction Of Bleeding And Pain. The Laparoscopic Surgeon Uses A Laparoscope Which Consists Of A Long, Thin Telescope And A Fibre Optic Cable With A Camera Fitted At The End Of It. Laparoscopic Cameras, Which Are Being Used Now, Are High Definition Cameras With High-Quality Images, Which Help Surgeons To Perform High Quality And Precise Operations. Cold Light Sources Such As Halogen And Xenon Are Used To Light Up The Operative Field. Carbon Dioxide Is Insufflated Into The Abdomen Enabling Easy Entry Of A Cannula Or A Trocar (Measuring 5 Mm Or 10 Mm) That Is Inserted Through The Incisions. Magnified Images Captured By The Lens Are Transmitted To A Computer Screen To Aid The Surgeon In Performing The Procedure. Other Instruments That Aid In Laparoscopic Surgeons In Surgeries Is The Stapling Device For The Division And Reconnection Of The Intestine And Electrocautery Is Used To Cauterize Blood Vessels And Tissues.

Advantages Of Laparoscopic Surgery:

Other Types Of Laparoscopic Surgery:

Single-Incision Laparoscopy (SILS). As The Name Suggests, Only One Incision (Lengthwise 2 3 Cm) Is Made. Through This, All The Operating Instruments And The Laparoscope Are Inserted. One Of The Primary Advantages Of This Procedure Is Drastically Minimal Pain And Single Incision. Dr Ramesh Baipalli Is Famous For His Skills In SILS For Gall Blader Surgery, Appendicectomy And Bariatric Surgeries.